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Dennis Daniel
Love it!

Have been using Smartdesk connect for two weeks now and absolutely love it!
It’s truly plug and play. The 3 monitors being slightly tilted is truly an immersive experience. The speakers are great and so is the wireless charger. I wish there was a mic too 😊

Craig M
Awesome for Web Designers

I’ve really enjoyed using this desk in my web design business. Having use of 3 monitors (that look crisp and clean). Going back and forth between sitting and standing while I work is amazing, and overall really love this desk. The way it’s designed and built shows it’s high quality and is worth its cost, in my opinion. Would highly recommend it!

Jim Mandel
Worth the Wait!

Although the supply chain woes have clearly not avoided SmartDesk, the product did arrive and is everything it is advertised to be. Customer service was outstanding and Timeer, from Customer Service, went out of his way to accommodate me even though there was a 3 hour time zone difference! I'm enjoying my purchase.

Peter Santilli

I've purchased a LOT of office equipment over the past several decades, and have noticed the overall quality of manufacturing & design degrade over time. This desk is THE highest quality design, manufacturing & simplest to assemble in many many years. Absolutely well worth the purchase. I feel like I got my money's worth...AND THEN SOME. By the way, I hardly ever write a review. I wanted to make absolutely sure that anyone considering the expense do so without hesitancy. You will NOT be disappointed. It's sturdy, smooth, and I am literally blown away that I didn't get some cheap chinese-made contraption that I would likely have to replace in a few years.

F. Mcgee
Best purchase decision ever!

Absolutely love this desk! I got this desk for the 3 screen functionality and the ability to sit or stand comfortably while working. The physical setup was simple. Customer service was so kind when helping with connecting to my laptop. One screen was not connecting as it should so I was immediately sent another to replace it. Timeer has always been in communication with me as if I were his only customer. VIP service is what makes this purchase one of the best. Out of all smart desks I am thankful I chose this one. Love the look!

Jim Mandel
Worth the wait!

Although supply chain issues have clearly not evaded Smart Desk, the wait was worth it. Timeer provided outstanding customer service and was available well beyond normal office hours. This was no easy task as I received my desk in California and the Smart Desk office is in New York. Set up was straightforward and all of the parts fit as they were supposed to. The final set up with my laptop was handled by Customer Service and allowed me to get up and working immediately.

The 3-screen display is awesome. I have some ongoing issues with the speakers; however, Customer Service is replacing a component that will likely put that issue behind me. They have been great to work with.

Danilo Frias
Excellent Work from Home Desk but needs a bit of set up


1. Three screens are amazing
2. Set up is pretty straight forward
3. Safety mechanism stops the motor if it tugs on something while moving the desk up
4. productivity is next level once you get situated.


1. Components can come loose during shipping, a pain to take cover off and reconnect
2. 4K Web Cam can not be directly plugged into the usb in the back since it will cause issues
3. Must eject every time you disconnect your laptop
4. Wireless charger doesn't work with a thin case

2nd iteration needs more secure components that are more accessible if disconnected.

Ignacio Saenz Lancuba
Best Desk Ever!

This is the best desk for any New age business. It gives an office a super modern look, it increase productivity and team work!

I will definitely buy more as my team grows and their customer service is amazing!

1000% satisfied customer here, your business and staff will thank you!

Jason Clausen
Outfitted my entire office

These SmartDesk Connects are fantastic. I have outfitted my entire office with them, and have organized the office desks and furniture so that I may purchase more in the future. Productivity is much higher than before. Nice clean workspaces assist the formation of a team atmosphere at work. Phenomenal product. Good for both business and personal use. 100% satisfied customer.

Nadim Islam
Increase productivity

The street screen integrated integrated platform has definitely increased my productivity. I now have a hard time working away from my desk as I really enjoy this setup