When I close my laptop’s lid, I can’t use the SmartDesk Connect

For Windows 10 users,

  1. To change the default behavior of Windows 10 when you close the laptop's lid, right-click the battery icon in the system tray, and then click on “Power Options”.

Power Option


2. Alternatively, press the Start button and type "Control Panel" and open the app.



3.Once Control Panel opens, go to Hardware and Sound > Power Options.

4. Next, click “Choose what closing the lid does” in the pane to the left.

Control Panel opens


5. Under "Plugged in" column, from the drop-down menu for “When I close the lid” select “Do Nothing”.

Note: Leave the "On battery" column for "When I close the lid" to "Sleep" .



6. After making the changes, click “Save Changes” and close the Control Panel.

7. You should now be able to close the lid on your laptop without it going into sleep mode.

OPTIONAL: Your computer will still go to sleep mode when a preset timer runs out.

In order to prevent your computer from going to sleep entirely when plugged in, follow these steps:

        a. Go to Start->Settings->System->Power & Sleep

        b. Select "Never" from the drop-down box for "When plugged in, PC goes to sleep after" and close the settings window.




c. Now your PC will never go to sleep when plugged in to the SmartDesk Connect. However, it will still go to sleep when on battery.


For macOS users,

To use your MacBook with the lid closed on the SmartDesk Connect, you need to enable "Closed-Display Mode".

Click here to know the requirements and how to enable it.


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