Meet the

The essential all-in-one standing
desk for the modern office.


Powered by your laptop, the SmartDesk Connect is the modern office – upgraded.

This motorized standing desk features three built in display monitors, speakers, and a wireless phone charger for a cleaner, more efficient work experience.

New offices require

new solutions.

Schedule a call with our Business team to learn more
about the unlimited shared office solutions with the
SmartDesk Connect.

The SmartDesk Connect offers flexible solutions for
the modern office, to keep up with your employees’
evolving worklife.


Just plug in your
laptop and get
to work.


No DIY multiple
monitor setup.
It’s all built in.

Boost Productivity

Immersive shape

Flexible Configurations

Multiple layout
configurations for
office flexibility.

Clean Design

Compact & polished.
Less Wires,
Less Mess.

Ideal for Hotdesking

The smart solution
for hotdesking or
shared space.

SmartDesk wants to
change how you work.

  • Technology has evolved exponentially over
    the past several decades, but the average desk
    or office hasn’t—until now.
  • We’ve pioneered a new generation of sit-stand
    desks to help increase productivity and improve
    work life, for anyone in any industry.
  • In line with user feedback and the latest advances
    in computing, we aim to deliver the ultimate customer
    experience and usher in a new era of smarter work.


  • " Productivity has never looked so sexy "
  • " One of the more useful things at CES "
  • " The closest approximation to most modern office workers’ dream workstation "
  • " An insane combination of cool features and integration at an impressive price point "
  • " The future of the Smart Office "
  • " The smartest of smart desks "