Introducing SmartDesk Dual Monitor

Customizable for you. Starting at $1799.

SmartDesk Connect

Super powers for your super powers. Starting at $2399.

Zoom. Zoom.

SmartDesks are like high performance running shoes, but for your workflow.

Plug and Play

Just plug in your laptop or desktop and get to work.


No DIY multiple monitor setup. It’s all built in.

Clean Design

Clean and minimalist. Less wires, less mess.

Supercharge Yourself

Immersive form factor enables you to hone in.

Configurations Galore

Multiple layout configurations for office flexibility.

Hot Desking

The smart solution for hotdesking or shared space.

Running the marathon of life with flip-flops? Switch it up.

Learn more about SmartDesk Connect learn more

Our tri-monitor solution. Designed for a truly immersive work experience.

Starting at $2399.

Learn more about SmartDesk Dual Monitor learn more

Our dual monitor solution. Designed for a clean and optimized workspace.

Starting at $1799.

Augment your awesome.

Our specialists are ready to work with you to adopt SmartDesk for your office or business.

As Seen In

  • cnet
  • wired
  • verge
  • geek
  • bloomberg
  • enterpreneur
  • Productivity has never looked so sexy.
  • One of the more useful things at CES.
  • The closest approximation to most modern office workers’ dream workstation.
  • An insane combination of cool features and integration at an impressive price point.
  • The future of the Smart Office.
  • The smartest of smart desks
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