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SmartDesk builds the world’s only fully integrated workstation solutions with all of the essential technology a modern employee needs right out of the box.

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The SmartDesk product line’s plug-and-work functionality makes it the perfect turnkey solution for offices that want to boost employee productivity while also maintaining polished design, hidden wires, and minimal vendor management.


Wide compatibility with Mac® & Windows® desktops and laptops


Clean integration with IT


Easy setup


Assembly available


Dedicated Sales and Support team


One vendor for most of your workstation needs

Take work to new heights with the SmartDesk



SmartDesk products are built to improve employee productivity and evolve with your team. Seamlessly integrated screens help users ease through multi-tasking and an abundance of work surface makes our products the ideal standing desk for most industries.


Work while
Standing / Sitting

Standing desk, sit stand desk, stand up desk, whatever you want to call it, our workstations have it. The motorized sit-stand functionality of SmartDesk products ensures your employees can bank in on the benefits of a standing desk - or the comfort of sitting - with just the push of a button.


No Do-It-
Yourself Hassle

With SmartDesk, corporations no longer need to DIY an elaborate multiple monitor configuration for their employees. Instead, SmartDesk offers multiple premium monitor options that are built-in for the most clutter-free and polished workspace available on the market today.

The Choice is Obvious

With SmartDesk’s line of products, you can fit more employees in a floor plan than a traditional cubicle setup. The SmartDesk Connect's unique shape optimizes space and enables creative layouts that are uncommon with conventional desk arrangements. Businesses can get rid of old, space-consuming, cubicle setups for convenient and ergonomic SmartDesk designs with all the benefits of standing desks and multi-monitor displays, but with less clutter and more freedom.

The “Smart”
Hot Desking Solution

The SmartDesk Connect is the perfect solution for offices that want the flexibility of a rotating desk system. Rather than belonging to a particular worker, the SmartDesk Connect is powered by most laptops which means workers can dock their device whenever they want and still have the privacy of their work saved to their laptop. The Dual Monitor SmartDesk provides the same capability while also being easily adaptable to desktop computers.

World class Smart team that works with you

The SmartDesk team works creatively with businesses to provide the ideal configuration and solution for employee productivity. Whether you are a Microsoſt® or an Apple® organization (or a mix), the SDC offers a compatible solution for both. SmartDesk works closely with your team to get you going with the best workstation solution for you.

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