How do I install eGPU drivers?


WARNING! This step is only for SmartDesk Connect E (SDC-E).

Instructions for Mac

  1. Apple creates its own drivers which are included in macOS updates. No additional drivers are required as long as your mac is up to date. 

Instructions for Windows

  1. Check for any existing AMD graphics drivers on the system. If found, completely uninstall to reduce issues or conflicts during the installation.
  2. Download the latest stable release of AMD Radeon RX 5500 drivers. Stable releases are indicated with "WHQL". 
  3. Once downloaded, close all opened applications and connect your PC to the SmartDesk Connect. 
  4. Run the executable file.
  5. Review the terms and conditions then click 'Accept and Express Install'.
  6. The install will begin once your AMD GPU is detected.
  7. Once installed, you may be prompted to restart your PC.