My monitors are drooping or misaligned

Monitor Droop: 

Monitor droop occurs over time due to vibrations in the desk caused by the rotation of the lifting column motors. Bolts that normally hold the monitors in its natural position become loose and need some adjustment. 

To resolve the issue: 

  1. Loosen the six screws attaching the monitor assembly to the desk assembly using a 4mm Allen key. DO NOT completely remove the screws.



2. Gently pull the monitor assembly backwards away from the table, undrooping the monitors, until the monitor assembly can no longer move.

3. Now, while holding the assembly in this position fully tighten the screws.  

      Monitor Misalignment or Wedge Gaps: 

      Normally, the monitors should be aligned with the adjacent wedge. But sometimes they fall out of alignment due to vibration or external forces. This photo shows a monitor not aligned with its adjacent wedge:


      To resolve the issue: 

      1. Loosen the four screws connecting the speaker wedges to the monitors using a 2.5mm Allen key. DO NOT completely remove the screws.

               2. Next, loosen the four screws connecting the monitor to the spine using                 a 2.5mm Allen key. DO NOT completely remove the screws.


          3. Push the side monitor inward toward the wedge, eliminating the gap and tighten all loosened screws while pushing.




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